Six Golden Guidelines for Effective Governance

I love the line in Pirates of the Caribbean where one of the actors alluded to policies that needed to be adhered to by the Pirates. The other Pirate retorted, ‘they are not so much policies; they are more like guidelines’. With this in mind, I usually find it helpful to reflect on rules of […]

Sharing What you Think can Really Impact on How you Do Business

Governance is not just about regulation, policies and procedures: it has a human face too. Board agendas are often cramped, meaning that more personal, sometimes difficult and uncomfortable matters do not get discussed. Sometimes there is a sense of uneasy compromise. But creating an environment where trustees can discuss matters of real personal concern can […]

Perfect Match.

The board and the chief executive the perfect match? It is about chemistry and competence.    If there is to be high performing governance. Chairs and chief executives must be able to access the support they need and their organisations.  They have got to invest in their performance. It is only with fully equipped Chairs that […]