Time to Think For More Effective Decision Making

In today’s fast moving environment we hardly have time to think or even breathe!  Decisions can be made quickly with very little discussion, deliberation or debate.  However decisions that have a big impact and long term consequences need more space for consideration, intentionality and purposefulness.   Mindfulness demonstrates the importance, in fact the necessity of slowing […]

Lessons on Leadership – learning from the Ebola Crisis

When the Ebola epidemic broke out in West Africa, a man tried to enter Nigeria for  treatment. He was held at the International airport by a leading doctor and her colleague. The gentleman was never allowed into Lagos. Their action saved millions of lives. In densely populated Lagos, millions of people could have died. The […]

Perfect Match.

The board and the chief executive the perfect match? It is about chemistry and competence.    If there is to be high performing governance. Chairs and chief executives must be able to access the support they need and their organisations.  They have got to invest in their performance. It is only with fully equipped Chairs that […]