Sharing What you Think can Really Impact on How you Do Business

Governance is not just about regulation, policies and procedures: it has a human face too. Board agendas are often cramped, meaning that more personal, sometimes difficult and uncomfortable matters do not get discussed. Sometimes there is a sense of uneasy compromise. But creating an environment where trustees can discuss matters of real personal concern can […]

Time to Think For More Effective Decision Making

In today’s fast moving environment we hardly have time to think or even breathe!  Decisions can be made quickly with very little discussion, deliberation or debate.  However decisions that have a big impact and long term consequences need more space for consideration, intentionality and purposefulness.   Mindfulness demonstrates the importance, in fact the necessity of slowing […]

Wellness & Wellbeing – GEMS

I recently co authored a publication, Wired to Govern with 2 senior colleagues. It was birthed as our attempt to craft a strategic framework that incorporates social media and new technologies. Exploring opportunities, threats presented, the potential of governance as well as some legal and good governance guidance, Wired to Govern outlines best practice guidelines, […]

Values and Culture Matter

Process without the right culture will fail Without appropriate behaviour or conduct, governance will fail irrespective of structures that are fit for purpose or clear processes. “Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world ” Unknown