Shaping an Innovative Governance Innovation with these 7 Questions


Shaping an Innovative Governance Innovation

   Are you dreaming of a different direction or a mixture of what you usually do andsomething quite new? Innovation Governance comes to mind. I am reminded of the words of Ellen DeGeneres.

When you take risks you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important“.

Some of the biggest challenges as you consider doing something different is to have the right people in place, with the right attitude, doing the right things.

Even more challenging is having a top notch governing board in place which offers sufficient challenge to provoke top level thinking but high quality creativity to consider the vast range of possibilities to make things happen.  The 7 questions below can help scope the innovation governance agenda.

  1. Have you identified the questions that you want your innovation governance agenda to address?

  2. How open is your governing board to change and innovation?

  3. Is your board responsive, agile, effective and efficient ?

  4. Is your board able to achieve  financial sustainability?

  5. Do you think  you integrate your values and beliefs into your innovation?

  6. Have you identified your priority areas (i.e what really matters to you in terms of success)?

  7. Are you clear about the role each individual will play to make innovation work?

Innovation can be fun!