Always A Light

Remembering Tony Handsome and distinguished Celebrating Tony Grief and loss are an integral part of life and living.    When my beloved brother Tony went to work on 17 December that year, little did he know he would not return home.   He was walking towards his car with the Covid samples he had collected from the […]

Landscape, Behind and Ahead Landscape, Behind and Ahead reflects on some highlights from 2023 and makes exciting announcements for 2024. What do we consider as success and why?   How can we attract success  that has meaning and purpose?   This episode, Landscape considers:1. Lessons from 2023 2.Hopes for 2024 3.What Listeners can expect Our Special announcement: A golden thread […]

Adversity, Triumphing in The Face Of Challenges & Suffering Adversity can lead to triumphing in the face of challenges and suffering.   Deshauna Barber is doing good in the world from a place of knowing what it’s like to serve. She is doing her story, being her story, telling her story.   Pretty Ugly Lessons: empowering strategies to transform adversity into triumph by a former […]

Adversity: Personal Triumph through Adversity

Previous Next Adversity comes to us all.  What helps is listening to stories where personal triumph can be achieved from going through adversity.  From Knock Down to Comeback ‘ How I used my personal tragedy to find my purpose and passion’ written by Juliet Lamin, brings a lot of heart, empathy and compassion.   How can […]

From Personal Tragedy to Positive Change

Losing my beloved brother Tony left a big hole in my heart. Tony was a husband, a father, an uncle and a friend to everyone.   He was a pedestrian collecting Covid Samples from a care home and was killed by a drug addicted speeding driver.  Leading up to and during the case, there was […]

Meet Olukemi Ogunyemi

Olukemi Ogunyemi is proudly black and Scottish. She was a best book author and award winner in 2022 for her memoirs of a brown girl living in Scotland. Brown Girl in the Ring, a beautifully crafted personal memoir tells her momentous struggle growing up as a mixed race child in Scotland. Her story is inspirational […]

Process and Culture

Culture is “the way we do things round here”.    What does our culture tell us about how we see people?  What does it tell us about our values and our purpose? What ever emerges as our culture will inform our processes, our policies and procedures.    Processes uninformed by our culture will fail.   Such policies […]

Is there Wifi

“Look for the bare necessities.  The bare necessities of life will come to you” (The Jungle Book)   Is there wifi, tops the list of questions when we are away from home.   Wifi is often described as a bare necessity of life.   What is necessary for your wellbeing and care? In your team what […]

Shaping an Innovative Governance Innovation with these 7 Questions

               Are you dreaming of a different direction or a mixture of what you usually do andsomething quite new? Innovation Governance comes to mind. I am reminded of the words of Ellen DeGeneres. “When you take risks you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there […]

Sweet Homecoming

Though born in London, I grew up in Belfast.  We spent holidays in Atrium and also the Republic of Ireland.  This year I decided to go back to Ireland to race my roots.  I did not quite know what to expect.   Having grown up in care, growing up was a mixed experience.   A ‘who do […]