Adversity: Personal Triumph through Adversity

Adversity comes to us all.  What helps is listening to stories where personal triumph can be achieved from going through adversity.  From Knock Down to ComebackHow I used my personal tragedy to find my purpose and passion’ written by Juliet Lamin, brings a lot of heart, empathy and compassion.   How can people be in a valley , somewhere dark  and deep  and find a reason to carry on?  For Juliet Lamin her initial response to Philip’s sudden and unexpected death was shock and just wishing to die to join her beloved son.

My sister-in-law Ufo who lost her husband killed by a hit and run drug addicted driver shares how this book given to her as a gift by a friend  really encouraged her in her loss, grief, pain, and suffering.

Juliet’s only son Philip collapsed while playing football, was rushed to hospital, but sadly lost his life at the young age of 16.  If a defibrillator had been at the pitch, Philip may still be alive.   Juliet campaigned for defibrillators to be available in such public places.

She set up a network for young people PL9 which has been an amazing way of young people getting together and supporting each other.  PL9 for Philip, Lamin and 9 which is the number of the football shirt that Philip wore. Number 9 shirt in football is the only position in the field that is required to be occupied.   “9” is usually work by strikers, also known as centre-forwards and are often the highest scorers in the team.   

Ms Lamin turned her tragedy into a place where young people got together, and this community changed their lives forever.  PL9 became the place where they’re loved, where they’re cared for, where they shared their stories.  PL9 has been so instrumental to young people feeling seen, feeling heard, being supported, feeling encouraged.

They experienced compassion and love simply reigns.

Juliet has done so many things through the pain she has felt to make it better, to make life more reassuring to other people facing adversity.  People who face darkness and need to navigate their way through that valley experience may find hope in “From Knock Down To Comeback”.


I distilled the following lessons:

  1. Emotions are allowed. It’s okay to grieve. It’s okay to be sad.
  2. Juliet turned her pain into a project.
  3. Heroes can inspire us when challenges come.
  4. Adversity can lead to triumphing through pain and suffering.
  5. Philip in his lifetime touched many lives. Many lives that he touched came back to comfort Juliet.
  6. Juliet lost her only son but through her work with PL9 and other initiatives she now has many children.

My final reflection is when life isn’t fair, how can I be strengthened in the valley, so that I may be able to make a pathway and reach a mountaintop?