Meet Olukemi Ogunyemi

Olukemi Ogunyemi is proudly black and Scottish. She was a best book author and award winner in 2022 for her memoirs of a brown girl living in Scotland. Brown Girl in the Ring, a beautifully crafted personal memoir tells her momentous struggle growing up as a mixed race child in Scotland. Her story is inspirational and offers Rays of Hope.

Tesse got to meet her in in London by the Statue of Sleuth Sherlock Holmes. Together they explored the Wonderpass of curiosities, the wonders within. They looked around, we’re reminded of Madame Tussaud’s making history and spent time sharing tales of discovery 💡 It is stories like Olukemi’s that not just matter, but impact and change the world. Since writing the book Olukemi has transitioned to a different space and place. She is recovering ❤️‍🩹, healing, restoring and reconstructing. Her curiosity is leading her to greater understanding and reconnecting with others. She believes with the right conversation and compassion we can be better together rather than apart.

Olukemi  recently sat down with Tesse and Paula and recorded a podcast episode   with them and made a video talking about her experience on the TesseLeads podcast.