Landscape, Behind and Ahead

Landscape, Behind and Ahead reflects on some highlights from 2023 and makes exciting announcements for 2024.

What do we consider as success and why?   How can we attract success  that has meaning and purpose?  

This episode, Landscape considers:
1. Lessons from 2023

2.Hopes for 2024

3.What Listeners can expect

Our Special announcement: A golden thread on Healing and Leadership and themed recordings with guest including a special edition featuring Tesse –  Healing: Childhood to Champion where she shares her personal story

We will be featuring David Taylor Klaus, Debra Allcock Tyler, Rachel Schofield, Mary Oluonye , Erin Randall,  Fran Borg-Wheeler,  Erik Seversen to name a few.

Our conversations will illuminate our approach to tackling problems and celebrating achievements.    Our discoveries will lead to brighter, sometimes faster journeys with upgrades in the wealth of our experience.

Tesse was crowned Champion for Governance by the Chartered Governance Institute . She is super grateful to all our listeners, podcast guests. Coaches and mentors who supported her to reach the heights she has achieved.  Onwards and upwards she says.  

A big thanks goes to Co-host Paula Okonneh whose TV show Chatting With The Experts With Paula Okonneh on Win Win Women TV was the most watched show in Fall 2023.  This is a massive achievement, given that the show has just recently been launched.

Here is to a rewarding and fulfilling 2024.