Refreshing Leadership





As we start afresh in 2023, Tesse Akpeki puts forward 5 ideas to reframe leadership.

Consider the right leadership framework

(1) Develop a healthy positive relationship of mutual respect – which will lead to better communication, the ability to work through disagreements and a partnership where you and can support one another through difficult times.

(2) Be appreciative

(3) Be respectful

Individual knowledge flow sessions

(4) Begin by making a list of the people you must interact with in order to perform your work well. Similar to Group Knowledge Flow Sessions, in meeting with individuals, share your Vision for what relevant actions need to be taken in your interaction with them, who you see as responsible for each action, and when it needs to be completed; ask them to tell you “what’s right, what’s wrong and what’s missing” from your thinking; and consider their ideas and opinions to learn from them and show you value them.

(5)Address incivility and eliminate corrosive behaviour that make people feel devalued and worthless