The Critical Friend

Tesse Apeki Apprentice and LeadershipCritics point out what is wrong .

Critics  can leave you feeling bad about yourself or even break hearts.

Critics are programmed to inspect, nitpick, and form negative opinions.

5 Ways For Us To See the Best In Each Other.

1.    Do you understand the circumstances of others? Balance criticism with empathy.

2.    Consider how you can help or be supportive. Take time to listen and to share. Think of the positive relationships you can build. What can you offer for the good of others?  As you offer  your observations, be non-judgmental as you support them to find a solution.

3.    Be a cheer leader.  Build others up as you offer help.   Assure  your listeners they can be successful, creative, innovative and productive.

4.    Be a coach.  Enable your coachees ( people being coached ) to develop a clear vision and explore how they can be a part of it.

5.    Take stock. Make celebration a habit and find moments to be happy.  Call out achievements and recognise the efforts of others.  .

And if you are criticised?

Remember as long as you’re alive somebody will find fault with what you’re doing. Brush it off and keep going. Feedback can nurture growth and improvement.  Bottomline – be constructively critical.   Offer your opinions respectfully, and lend a helping hand.